Les Miserables Modern AU RP Group  


Taken characters:

Les Mis Modern AU with the following:

  • short paragraph replies (traditional grammar, i.e. “Speech in quotations,” and punctuation.)
  • via chat room (chatzy, primarily, which doesn’t require a username (unless the group as a whole opts for another format))
  • inclusive of all feasible* canon characters
  • main group RP will be ~pg13**, spinoffs and one on ones rating will be up to those participating
  • genderswaps/age-changes allowed (to an extent***)
  • no shipping restrictions (Enjolras does not have to be with Grantaire, Marius does not have to end up with Cosette, etc etc)

Apply Now!

*I’m of the opinion that children don’t generally work in roleplays about a bunch of college-age students and I’ve never seen one done where the Gavroche didn’t get sort of left out and ignored for lack of anything better to do, if you have an idea on how to get around this, just let me know and we can talk about it.
**If all members of the group are over 18 we may up the general group chat rating to R assuming that’s what everyone wants.
***I think bringing in characters like Valjean/Javert  and making them college-aged would be strange and I’m gonna turn something like that down, or if you ask to play 8 year old Cosette or something like that you’re probably gonna get turned down.

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Could you please enable the mobile version of this blog?

Yep! Sorry about that, I was having trouble getting the layout to work when I was setting this up so I was changing settings all over the place, trying to sort out what the problem was, must’ve accidentally unchecked it at some point.

Should be working now, let me know if anybody has any more trouble with it!

Don’t forget, Guys, We’re Accepting Submissions! 

I hope the layout isn’t confusing, if you hover over the “LINKS” off to the side (beneath the GIF of Marius) a menu should come up with the askbox/submission box as well as a few other helpful links. Feel free to submit ideas for texts with the characters or screencaps you had in mind, or completed submissions!

Thank you all for following, your support means a lot!

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